Just So You Know 

I grew up in a Pentecostal church, which was great. It gave me a good foundation in Christ and is the reason why I am saved today. But after growing up in church, I actually had to grow up in Christ. This means, the Lord begin to teach me things based on scripture and history, things I was never taught in church. I believe the Bible is inspired by God and inerrant. I believe anyone who adds to God’s Word will have the plagues of Revelation added to them, and anyone who takes away from God’s Word will have their name taken away from the Lambs Book Of Life.

When Jesus began to sanctify me, He told me to stop celebrating holidays. I absolutely obeyed, I never came across scripture which supported these holidays and the traditions associated with them. So, it was safe to assume they were not of God. Jesus begin to teach me His Word concerning holidays, and the history of them. According to God’s Word, bad seeds cannot bear good fruit, this phrase also holds true for the observance of pagan and occult holidays by Christians. Saying things created for the devil is okay if we do them in the name of Jesus is heresy, at best. I created this presentation just for you. It is imperative we Children of God all know truth and be set free by it. We will find out why some Bible-believing, Holy Ghost filled Christians (including myself) shun the observance of holidays and birthdays.

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