From The World To Christ

It has been so long since I have posted a new testimony. Back on April 19, 2020, our sister Clarassa asked me to share her testimony. I have been so busy and preoccupied with live that I am just getting around to it. This testimony from our South African sister is so inspiring. It really focuses in on the faithfulness of God. Sister Clarassa offers some great advice on what God is in search of. Be blessed and encouraged by her testimony.

From the world to Christ

So….I lived just like the world, full of sin, until June 2018, when the Lord gave me a dream. In this dream I was sitting up on my bed, looking out my bedroom window, in an instant I saw Jesus in the sky, He was so big, He filled up the entire sky, it was like there was no person on Earth that can say they never saw Him, that’s how big He was. He looked straight at me through my window, He looked directly at me and He was not happy. He gave me that look….He looked at me as if I was supposed to be doing something that I wasn’t. He was not pleased and he looked so disappointed with me. I could see it by the way He looked at me. And so when He looked directly at me the force of God is so strong, when He looked at me his eyes pulled me to him like a magnet. So, one second I’m in my bed looking at Him through the window in the sky, and when He looked at me He pulled me to Him with His eyes. I found myself in front of Him in the sky. I was like an ant in front of Him. He never spoke to me or anything, He did not look as usual like in photos or calendars.

He had a wide forehead, He had bags under His eyes, His skin was the most beautiful colour. I don’t know what colour to call it. His beard was not neat, it was like naturally grown, perfect eyebrows, perfect face, there was nothing that was out of place, He was perfect. So, as I find myself in front of him in the sky my dream broke, when I got up I was like shaking, sweating, couldn’t believe it and thought no one would believe me ….it really troubled me as to what it meant. It bothered me so much. I finally saw the Lord that saved my mum from witchcraft and demons. As time went on I got closer to the Lord, giving Him more time than I used too, praying more with a honest simple heart. A fear got into me.... And so I worked at the time at the Zimbali Coastal Resorts... And I would reach work at 5 when I actually start at 8. I would go early coz of transport issues at that time.... Demons would bother me alot.

I would dream dogs in my room. I would wake up screaming becuase demons should come to have sex with me in dreams. And for that extra 2 hours I sat on a crate outside the office door in the parking lot.... I would sing to the Lord and goggle what the dreams mean because all this demons only started to bother me after I dreamed of Jesus. And so I came across Tiffany video.... And as I watched her on YouTube one morning before work I felt the Lord speaking to me thru her. I started to watch more of her videos and whatever changes I needed to make, I did. During this time I came across the video on holiness and thru sister Tiffany videos I felt the conviction of holiness. I knew I had to take off the pants, make up, heels, jewelry, curling my hair, etc. And as I watched I was able to receive. It was a day after watchn the video the next morning I got up for work and I remember that morning....I opened my wardrobe drawer and all my jeans are ironed and in hangers. And there was 1 old, ugly, burnt orange, long skirt thrown in my draw. So at 4 that morning I'm looking at all my jeans and the spirit of God said to me put on that skirt...... And I was like.....?????? Really???? Cmon now u serious Jesus????

And so I couldn't bring myself to wear the jeans. I just couldn't. And mind you, I worked in a 5 star hotel as a telemarketer..... So.... I said okay Lord.... Ima wear it. I took that torn old skirt, ironed it, and wore it. When I reached work everyone laughed at me. I knew it although they never tell me to my face. I stuck thru the day. I felt funny wearing the skirt, I wasn't used to it. Then I stopped the make up and earings and people laughed at me, they mocked me, they said ur husband gonna leave u. My in laws said ur so young why you dressing like a granny? I never explained to them coz they very self righteous people. I went home.... I cried.... I cried my heart out.... I asked Lord...... Lord.... What do u want me to do Lord?...... I slept. The next day I woke up for work.... There was no other skirt so I said in my mind... LORD Ima wear jeans coz if I had another skirt I would wear it, in my mind. I wore jeans and work was fine. The next day.... Before work I was preparing my lunch and while I was making my lunch the Lord said to me.... Today u won't eat.... I put the bread back in the plastic and I said Lord..... U gonna have to wait until I get paid and if I have anything spare I will buy skirts..... I don't Wana go to hell but have to wait till payday.

It was that day I received a message from Tiffany. She sent me a message on Facebook messenger and she said God told her to send me money to buy new clothes. I was in shock.... I have never ever seen God work like that before. I went in the work toilet and I cried. I thanked God. I praised God on my knees in the toilet at work! Can u imagine.... I couldn't help it... I had to give Him glory, I had to give Him honor, I had to thank Him, I had to love Him... I didn't know how to.....but I knew that God hated my dressing. So I said if this please u Lord... Ima do it, I don't care about anyone, I just don't Wana go to hell. I went home I showed my husband the messages and he said... NAH..... THESE THINGS DON'T HAPPEN..... SHE'S BLUFFING YOU. But in my heart I knew it was the Lord.... I knew it, I felt it.

I said God I will take it off. Please help me, please. I received 300USD. Thats R4000 in South African Rands. It took a while to come thru.... Eventually it did and I went and shopped as God told me. I bought long skirts, long sleeve tops, scarfs for my hair, flat shoes,....... And when I looked in the mirror I saw a whole new me. I was new. I wasn't the old me anymore. Something changed in my heart. Something changed on the inside but it was showing on the outside. What is this? I didn't understand. I didn't know what God was doing, but I knew ever since I was little people prophesied over me that the Lord will use me, He will raise me up, He will get His glory from me and now after all those years I have seen God's power. I have seen Him move when we be obedient. I cleaned out my whole wardrobe.... I gave all my stuff to underprivileged home, I bought a new bible..... Jesus loves me.....He showed me. THEN the battle got real. My husband still wanted me to look good, to dress good, to be sexy, and all I did was cry. I would cry out to God to help me. I have changed ever since. I wanna see my Maker. I don't wanna go to hell. When the Lord gave me a dream of lake of fire.... I knew.... I knew that day I couldn't play with God..... I couldn't please my husband and God. I had to choose. I chose God. I said if he gonna divorce me let him. I'm not going to hell...... And I want everyone to know that dressing modest is so important to God.... He will make a way for you to come to Him. There is a way to the heart of God. It's called obedience. I have experienced it and I want you all to know also.... Just be obedient.... It's the best u can do for the Lord.

What an awesome testimony?! Glory to God for His marvelous works. I love you all and pray you are edified because of this testimony. God bless you all!!

DISCLAIMER: I have not had a Facebook page since 2018.

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