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Updated: Apr 9, 2019

There is a song the saints used to sing and it began to pour out of my mouth when I finished reading this testimony:

"I know the Lord will make a way oh yes He will. He'll make a way for me and for you. The Lord will see you safely through. I know the Lord oh yes He will."

"This testimony took place, approximately twenty-four years ago, and my three children, and I lived at Motel Six for two years.

My oldest daughter's father came to bring something to the children, and he was held up at gunpoint, outside my apartment door. He packed us up, and moved us, from D.C., back to Maryland.

He took great care, to hide from me, that he sold drugs. I didn't grow up knowing anything about drugs, and so, it wasn't difficult to keep from me. He paid for our room that way, but there was only the food he stole from stores.

I hadn't gone back to work yet, and so I didn't have an income. One morning:

I went for a walk and as I talked to Jesus; I asked Him to help me feed my children. I was walking and crying. I looked ahead of me, and I saw McDonald's Monopoly game pieces on the ground.

There were enough game pieces (hamburger, small fry, small orange soda, and fish sandwich), that we ate for nearly two months. It looked as if someone had an entire bag full, and the bag was missing. This isn't the only time He has shown Himself in this way, but this one is up there. Thanks for allowing me to share."

Who can doubt the goodness and faithfulness of God after reading this? God did this for our Sister Diedra and I know He will do the same for you. Whatever you need, ask, trust, believe and then receive. God bless you!! Enjoy my type of music below🎵🎼🎶🎤:

...they just don't sing like this anymore....

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