Sis. Neptune's Prophetic Dream

The dream Sister Shevelle had is a very sobering one. Let us pray for mercy for our youth, in Jesus name. Amen.

Peace be unto you Sister Tiffany,

On the fifth of July, 2019 I got a dream. In this dream I was walking with my mom and guy I went to school with. We were in our town during the daytime.

I saw a member of the church I go to obliquely opposite where we were, and her husband and child were with her. This young lady was wearing a low cut TIGHT jean pants and a grey turtleneck sleeveless crop top...I looked at her in an utter confused mood because. I knew that she was in church, heavily involved and gifted in the spirit as well.

I then found myself still in my town but this time alone and in a funeral morgue. I was looking on at the owner of this funeral home arguing with a Lady about a casket that she wanted to bury her father in. This casket however, had a dead male figure in it. I could not see the man's face but he was clothed in a, I want to say, turquoise but very dark blue suit, white shirt and a long dark red tie.

I struggled to understand why this lady wanted this specific casket because it was very wet on the inside (gross). Departed for outside to go back into the town. It was daylight in terms of the weather. While I was walking there were so much caskets. There were caskets on the left and on the right of me and beyond what I could see before me. I should not have been able to see some of the faces in those caskets because of where I was positioned but somehow I was able to.

The weird thing about the bodies was that I know what a dead body is supposed to look like (usually darker than usual due to the dead cells etc.), but those bodies clearly dead (because they had no breath in them), had a bright glow and I could see the life in them but I knew also that the bodies in the casket were dead.

I returned to the funeral home again and the owner as well as a couple of my friends were holding these glass tins. These packages were meant to be babies (beaten, poisoned, raped, was sickening). The packages were labeled with the names of the babies on it. They would state exactly how these babies died and fling the packages on the table like it was a piece of garbage.

The dream was so horrible sister Tiffany. I woke up from the dream completely blinded with scales in the spirit. Around 12am midnight I went on YouTube and Cameron Boyce a 20yr old Disney actor died suddenly and that dream came back to me like a tonic pain. I realized that every body that occupied those caskets were from children to young adults.

The dream clearly explains itself and I repent for any time I neglected the gospel of Jesus Christ. I repent for being inconsiderate towards the salvation both of my soul or the souls of those who I've encountered throughout my 21 years. My God, sister please pray for us youths.....this is not the first dream of warning God gave to me. We need Jesus Christ in our lives and I am so sorry for us. I am so sorry that we are ignorant of what is true in Christ Jesus.

Thank you for letting The giver of life and purpose Jesus Christ use you for His Glory🙏.


Shevelle Neptune

Thank you Sis. Shevelle for sharing this warning with us. May the Lord have mercy on us all.

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