Sis Stronger's Deliverance From A Demonic Lifestyle

I am thankful to God for all the testimonies shared, including this one. It is real, it is honest, and I am sure that most of us, at some point in our lives, can identify with Sister Stronger's testimony. God is so gracious, He delivered her from weed, sexual immorality, vanity, and a double life almost instantly. I thank God for His gift of eternal life through Jesus Christ. She has great scriptures which coincide with what she has experienced. Sis. Stronger has been going through her sanctification process with the rest of us, and I LOVE her dearly!!! God has placed her in a wonderful church out in Texas and I look forward to her contacting with a video of her first sermon preached, or prayer over her church home. Enjoy and be encouraged!!

I know you all will ask so I'll answer here, I have never read the Book of Enoch and no I don't plan to. I have heard great things and clearly it has great information but I stick with the canon. This does not detract from her powerful testimony or information provided, it is all truth and it is all the work of the Holy Spirit. I love you Sis. Stronger!! And I love you all!!! GOD BLESS YOU ALL!! xoxoxoxo

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