The Sanctification Process Of Sis. Diedra

It is Testimony Time! Be blessed by the testimony of our sister in the Lord.

"My testimonial go back nearly 30 year's; so I will start with the most recent. Approximately three years ago: I was with my second, and third daughter, and I felt strange. I looked outside my daughter's window. I thought 'I shouldn't be doing this'. 'This' was preparing for Thanksgiving dinner, and doing it on a Saturday.

I didn't know anything about the Sabbath, nor did I know anything about celebrating pagan holiday's. A year, or so, later I learned about the Sabbath.

Two years ago: 'I decided' to stop celebrating Thanksgiving, and Christmas. I thought it was my idea. A year later; I found out the truth.

Early 2017: I had a strong desire to start wearing dress clothes. I bought several pairs of dress pants, and blouses, and the pants were three different sizes. I couldn't fit any of the pants. I started to see young, and middle aged women wearing maxi skirts. I thought 'That's It!'

I was in the Family Dollar one day, and for the first time, ever, I saw women's baseball caps. I looked at them. I went to other isles. I came back. I looked some more. I bought one, and wore it everyday.

A couple of months later: I came across a YouTube channel. The young woman was explaining modesty, and head covering.

The Holy Spirit has been leading me, and it takes me some time to understand that God is talking to me. Praise Jesus for ordering my steps."

-Sis Diedra

This testimony has surely blessed my heart. In Psalms 37:23 Bible says "The steps of a good man are ordered by the Lord: and he delighteth in his way." Sis. Diedra's testimony proves this scripture. Even if we don't understand why changes are taking place in our life, it is important to appreciate it. It is also important to not fight against the changes taking place. Each step the Lord has us take leads us down the narrow path to life. I am so thankful for testimonies like this one, it should cause us all to look back over our life and thank God that He was in control and leading us the entire time. Thank you Jesus!

We want to know what the Lord has done for you! Share your testimony right here on by sending me an email to The email should contain your written testimony, or a testimony by video, and (if you would like) corresponding pictures.

God bless you!

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